Testimonials for Certified APT™-Training

Thank you very much for your enthusiasm, for teaching me the idea of self-compassion that you showed in your tapes and in the course. You made me very enthusiastic for E-STDP

Psychotherapist who attended a workshop with Kristin Osborn

This approach has enabled me to develop so much more as a therapist and in turn be more effective with my clients, and for that, I will be forever grateful! I want to thank you and by extension Leigh McCullough for the incredible work she has done in both developing this approach, studying its efficacy, and making it available and accessible to therapists no matter what their background or training.  

Fellow Harvard Vanguart Behavioral Health Fellowship who attend a workshop with Kristin Osborn

I had an opportunity to use APT with a client on my recent clinical placement and it was such an incredible learning experience. As you highlighted during the two days, this approach really opens us up to our own affect phobias... I think this is one of the most powerful aspects of this therapeutic approach- this past summer is the first time I've had the opportunity to apply this approach in practice and, unsurprisingly, my own affect phobias were highlighted to me! I was constantly reminded of my role in the client's process and how my own affect phobia may have been blocking my availability to the client.

Clinician who attended a workshop with Kristin Osborn

Kristin's Affect Phobia Therapy (APT) workshop hosted by the Clinical Division of the Psychological Society of Ireland and the University College Dublin doctoral programme in clinical psychology was an outstanding training event. Over two days Kristin presented the APT model using a thoughtful blend of powerpoint, video recordings and discussion. The audience included both novices and experienced therapists. With great sensitivity to the leaning needs of this mixed audience, Kristin showed us how to use the model with a range of clinical problems. By presenting recordings for APT conducted by herself, Dr Leigh McCollough (the originator of APT), and other therapists, Kristin helped us to understand how the core processes of the model can be addressed in different ways by therapists with different styles. Not only did we all learn a great deal at this workshop, it was also a very enjoyable experience, largely due to Kristin's unique talents as a trainer

Alan Carr Professor of Clinical Psychology University College Dublin, PhD, FBPsS, FPSsI

This seminar was incredibly engaging and informative! Watching video with the presenter’s commentary was great! ! It is the first workshop I’ve attended where I felt better afterwards!

Fellow Harvard Vanguart Behavioral Health Fellowship

"Affect Phobia (APT) is an evidence-based brief psychodynamic model that integrates cognitive-behavioral and experiential approaches so the therapist can work with patients to resolve their presenting problems and improve their relationships. The APT therapist helps their patient focus on developing adaptive emotional reactions, which leads to symptom reduction but also more satisfying personal relationships and productive lives. Over 30 years of research, including case series and randomized controlled trials, have demonstrated the effectiveness of APT.”

Bruce Wampold Ph.D., ABPP
Patricia Wolleat Professor of Counseling Psychology, University of Wisconsin--Madison
Director, Research Institute, Modum Bad Psychiatric Center, Vikersund, Norway

When I was referred to Kristin Osborn a year and a half ago, I had been diagnosed with treatment-resistant depression and severe anxiety. I had a long history of suffering and had tried various medications as well as seeking several modalities of therapeutic treatment. My depression & anxiety affected my career, my relationships and my quality of life. My husband died suddenly and the trauma and severity of my grief paralyzed me. I could not live with the tremendous guilt, remorse and agony that overcame me. I had no hopes of ever recovering. Kristin offered a holistic approach in treating my mind, body, and spirit. She recognized early in our sessions that traditional therapies had not and would not heal me. She suggested intensive work; meeting 2-3 times weekly, sensing my potential for suicide without my having to admit my hopelessness. Kristin’s intuitive nature made her able to explore the depths of my early childhood trauma which was no longer in my consciousness. She created an environment of trust & emotional security which allowed me to recognize & explore my defenses and abandonment issues. Kristin was receptive and encouraging when I sought ketamine treatments; she offered therapeutic guidance during my treatment; that combination began to create breakthroughs in an emotionally safe way. Due to my grief, I hadn’t been to the beach since my husband’s death. Kristin suggested that we have a session on the beach and it made profound difference in my progress. I am now returning to the beach, a place that brings me peace; I had given up on ever returning there. I had given up on everything in my life. Kristin stepped outside of traditional therapy as she worked with me, with an awareness of what was and was not effective for me. She found the means to penetrate my deeply rooted defenses covering up my pain and suffering. With Kristin’s guidance, I am cultivating authentic relationships and healing my mind, body and spirit. I am finally seeing some light in my life.

Retired business owner, boogie boarder, wife and widow

Kristin has provided me a safe and comfortable outlet to acknowledge and express my feelings. I am able to reflect on past experiences, both positive and challenging, and share my thoughts that trigger emotion; and that is ok! And it feels amazing! Thank you Kaizen for sharing such an impactful resource that encourages me to honor my emotions.

Wife of Former SEAL Officer

Kaizen has taken the time to understand who I am and what I need to be a better version of myself. When I was introduced to Kristin Osborn to begin therapy, I wasn’t totally convinced that it would help. I had always avoided therapy because I didn’t think it would make an impact and honestly was reluctant to open up to a stranger. My time with Kristin has been absolutely life changing. She has been a catalyst for change in my life, helped me embrace vulnerability, and has become a trusted friend. My life is brighter because of both Kristin and Kaizen.

Former SEAL Officer USNA Graduate

Being a combat veteran that has seen and been part of the many realities of war, I have had trouble being fully in charge of my emotions since I left military service. I began seeking help when I realized that I am just going through the motions of life and not being present with my kids or wife. This made every day either seem like it was a repeat of the day before or made me feel guilty every time I would reflect on my days prior. After being in treatment for a few months I have noticed that I am more able to feel emotions when they are happening to me, which helps me be present in the moment. My family has also seen a positive improvement in my development. I am now beginning to work on having an intentional time everyday where I am fully present with myself and family. I hope to be able to turn this practice into a habit that will grow to become longer than just once a day when I intentionally try to block all the extra distractions from taking over my thoughts.

Navy SEAL deployed to AFG, IRAQ

Working with Kristin has literally changed my life, it is difficult for me to imagine where I would be right now if I did not have her in my life, life would certainly be a dark and forbidding place. Kristin is easily the best therapist that I have ever worked with in my lifetime, and that should hold some weight, here’s why; I am a retired SEAL with 22 years of service, prior to that I had experienced childhood trauma, Kristin is able to navigate this quagmire of emotions with me and make sense of the detritus left behind. I cannot say enough good things about her. I would step in front of a bullet for her any day of the week. Not only has Kristin helped me, she has extended her blanket of care to my family. She has made herself available, often at a moments notice, to my family during this incredibly stressful time. This service in itself is priceless. I have had a lot of therapists throughout the years, I have never experienced the level of care that Kristin brings to the table with anyone, it is not even close. It would be like comparing a four year old scribble in crayon to the sistine chapel.

Retired Navy Seal with 22 years of service
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