Supervision (for individuals or groups) is available in Boston and Washington DC (USA), Oslo (Norway), and London (England), or anywhere where workshops may be taking place. Supervision via Skype is also possible. Fees and appointments are negotiated with each supervisor. Please email us to arrange supervision or supervisor referrals.

Web Based Supervision for Advanced Psychotherapy Training: A Practical Guide

Certified APT-Supervisors

Stuart Andrews PhDStuart Andrews PhD is a psychologist in private practice in Fairfax, Virginia, and an Assistant Director of Dr McCullough’s Psychotherapy Research Program. He is a co-author of Treating Affect Phobia: A Manual for Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy (Guilford Press), as well as numerous articles on psychotherapy and psychotherapy research. Dr Andrews is currently working on a book with the research group titled, The Affect Phobia Model for Treating Cluster C Personality Disorders: A Research-Based Psychodynamic Approach for the Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive, Dependent, and Avoidant Personality Disorders, which will be published by Hogrefe Press. Dr Andrews specializes in individual psychotherapy with adolescents and adults, couples therapy, psychological and psychoeducational testing, and evaluations in the areas of child custody, visitation, and related issues involving children and families in the court system. To contact Dr Andrews, email us.

Maneet Bhatia PhD CManeet Bhatia PhD C is a certified APT-Supervisor and APT-Trainer and a doctoral candidate at McGill University (Montreal, Canada) where he is an active contributor in the McGill Psychotherapy Process Research Group (MPPRG). He previously held the position of student representative for the Canadian Psychological Association’s section for Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic Psychology and won the Sigmund Freud Award for the best student presentation in the area of psychodynamic/psychoanalytic psychology. He has numerous publications and presentations in the area of psychotherapy process research, and training and supervision. Maneet has been working as a research assistant at the Harvard Medical School Psychotherapy Program since 2006. He has presented research findings in APT at international conferences and co-authored scholarly publications with Dr McCullough examining change mechanisms in the early phases of APT on providing guidelines for both novice and experienced clinicians on how to rate therapy sessions using the ATOS. Maneet has worked to reach larger audiences in an effort to raise awareness about the importance of emotions and well-being, being interviewed by Canada’s # 1 sports radio station SPORTSNET 590 The Fan to discuss the intersection between emotional expression, mental-health and sports, and writing articles in a popular online magazine The Good Men Project. Additionally, Maneet has co-led an Affect Phobia Therapy Core Training Program in Boston, Massachusetts, with Kristin Osborn. He is currently working to provide core training programs and workshops in Canada. To contact Maneet Bhatia, email us.

APT BirgittaBirgitta Elmquist was trained by Leigh McCullough in Affect Phobia Therapy.  Since 2000, she is the Co-Director of SAPU, a private institute dedicated to the training of psychotherapist in Stockholm, Sweden. As a certified psychotherapist, she has over 30 years experience supervising and teaching psychotherapist and has experience working in social welfare, primary care, psychiatry and private practice. One of Birgitta’s main interest is offering effective training and supervision for integrative psychotherapy approaches that focus on emotion. Birgitta created, organized and offered the first Swedish Core Training in Affect Phobia Therapy. To contact Birgitta Elmquist, email us.

APT LeifLeif Havnesköld is a psychologist, who specializes in clinical psychology and is an accredited psychotherapist. Educated in both CBT (Behavior Therapy) and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy, he was trained by Leigh McCullough in Affect Phobia Therapy. He has also been trained as teacher/supervisor in psychotherapy according to the Swedish model. Havnesköld has around 40 years of experience as a clinical psychologist/psychotherapist from both primary care, psychiatry and private practice. Author and co-author of books (in Swedish and Danish) on developmental psychology, affect theory and psychotherapy. Havnesköld has a lot of publications in Swedish journals and also some in international journals. He was one of the founders of SAPU (Stockholm
Academy for Psychotherapy Training) in 1993, a private institute which is approved to give University exam in Psychotherapy. Havnesköld has been the Director of SAPU since 2000. To contact Leif Havnesköld, email us.

Nat Kuhn PhD To contact Nat Kuhn, email us.

Kristin A.R. OsbornKristin A.R. Osborn (Director of Training) is an APT-Therapist, APT-Trainer, and APT-Supervisor with 15 years experience working with adults, adolescents, families and groups. She has a private practice in the Boston area and conducts training and supervision groups in North America and Europe. She has a faculty appointment at Harvard Medical School at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and is Co-Director of the Psychotherapy Research Program, directed by Dr Leigh McCullough. She is the President of the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA) and serves as their Executive Coordinator of Continuing Education and Treasurer. Her most recent article, Learning how to rate video-recorded therapy sessions: A Practical Guide for Trainees and Advanced Clinicians, was published in the Psychotherapy Journal in June 2011, and she is the co-author of a chapter in the book, Clinical Strategies for Becoming a Psychotherapist. She offers trainings in Ireland, England, Spain, and Holland. To contact Kristin Osborn, email us.

Elisabeth Schanche is Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, at the University of Bergen in Norway. To contact her, email us.

Elke Schlager LPC PhD CElke Schlager PhD is in private practice in northern Virginia, where she provides psychotherapy, supervision, and trainings. She specializes in ISTDP and Affect Phobia therapy for adults and adolescents. For a number of years she worked closely with Dr. Leigh McCullough as a Research Associate at the Psychotherapy Research Program at Harvard. Dr. Schlager was a faculty adjunct at Herbert Benson’s Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard Medical School, where she taught mindfulness and mind-body approaches. In her work she integrates mindfulness with the experiential dynamic therapy. Dr. Schlager has also conducted research on personality and psychosocial factors affecting women’s vulnerability to postpartum depression. Dr. Schlager was also co-founder of the Center for Families in Transition in Brookline, MA, where she developed For the Sake of the Children, a parenting workshop for parents undergoing divorce. Since its inception in 1998, more than 8,000 parents have completed this program, which is mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Dr. Schlager completed internships at a number of hospitals and clinics in Massachusetts, including Cambridge Hospital/Harvard Medical School, and the Stress Reduction Program/Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. To contact her, email us.

Pål Ulvenes

Pål Ulvenes is an EDT-STDP psychotherapist who specializes in the Affect Phobia Model developed by Leigh McCullough. Since early on in his psychology education he has been involved in training, teaching and research on Affect Phobia Therapy, receiving  supervision from Dr Leigh McCullough. Pål Ulvenes has worked at an inpatient unit in Norway, conducting both individual and group therapy with the exclusive use of the Affect Phobia model. He is currently working on a major research project investigating the process of psychotherapy in STDP, both with in- and outpatients, in a project directed by Dr Leigh McCullough, Dr Asle Hoffart, and Dr Bruce Wampold, at the research institute at Modum Bad, Norway. His academic affiliation is with the University of Oslo. He is a supervisor for the STDP unit at Modum Bad psychiatric hospital, and conducts evaluation interviews with patients admitted to the unit. Pål Ulvenes gives workshops and presentations on Affect Phobia Therapy and research on the model in Norway and internationally. To contact him, email us.

Certified APT-Trainers

To contact a trainer, email us.

Stuart Andrews PhD

Lene Berggraf PhD

Maneet Bhatia PhD C

Ronete Cohen MA

Birgitta Elmquist

Kristin Hansen PhD

Leif Havnesköld

Amelia Kaplan Romanowsky PhD

Nat Kuhn PhD

Kristin A.R. Osborn

Elisabeth Schanche

Elke Schlager PhD

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