Former Patient

I was a patient of yours in 2006, and I wanted to thank you for what you did for me then, as it has had an amazing effect on me ever since.

Not a month goes by where I don’t quote you, speak of you, appreciate what you did for me. And I’m just talking about my sessions with you. Beyond that, I contacted you years later from Florida when my daughter had a problem with swallowing. You recommended a book called “Go Away Big Green Monster,” and from then on, that book became a staple of our bedtime routine.

Mostly, I wanted to tell you that the work you do matters, and it matters quite a lot. To this day, even 15 years distant from when we last spoke, not a week goes by that I don’t think about you and what you taught me.

Had it been my choice, I would’ve continued my work with you far beyond where we ended. But I, upon your suggestion, made a drastic change to my life. And I must tell you, that change brought upon me the best years of my entire life.

So I have you to thank for that. And I’m sorry to go on. I’m back living in Massachusetts, and I thought I should reach out, should tell you of your success with me, tell you of the good that you instilled in my heart, to tell you of how much you helped me, to tell you how much value your chosen profession has meant to me.

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