Jonathan Egan

Jonathan EganDr Jonathan Egan is the Deputy Director of the Doctor of Psychological Science Programme in Clinical Psychology at the National University of Ireland in Galway.He has researched care-giver burden and burnout in professional therapists and non-professionals care-givers since 2000. Dr. Egan works clinically towards and also researches the assimilation and interweaving of both a short term dynamic affect phobia theory and attachment theory in both community and clinical samples.

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Chip Cooper

Joseph Cooper, PhD LPC is an Associate professor of Psychology in the Department of Counseling at Marymount University in Arlington, VA and former faculty member and co-chair of the Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy Training Program (ISTDP) at the Washington School of Psychiatry. He is currently a board member of the International Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy Association (IEDTA). Dr. Cooper completed his core training in ISTDP from the Washington School of Psychiatry in 2009 and currently provides supervision and training in ISTDP. He has over 23 years of clinical experience and maintains a private practice in Washington, DC. specializing in the treatment of trauma, addictions, unexplained medical symptoms, and personality disorders. In addition to teaching and conducting psychotherapy, he has been an active presenter at national and international conferences, and has published scholarly articles and book chapters on clinical supervision, play therapy, counseling skills, and the importance of emotions in psychotherapy. To learn more about Joseph, go to

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Katie Aafjes-van Doorn

katie-aafjes-van-doorn-360x450 Throughout my career as a Clinical Psychologist I have stayed involved in clinical practice, teaching and research. After receiving my MSc in Clinical Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 2005, I earned a MSc in Psychological Research, followed by a doctorate in Clinical Psychology at University of Oxford, and gained licensure in the UK. I completed a postdoc at Access Institute, a well renowned psychoanalytic therapy clinic in San Francisco and worked as a postdoctoral researcher with Dr. Jacques Barber and his lab at Adelphi University, New York. In 2017 I became a full-time faculty at Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Yeshiva University, New York. I am the co-lead of the psychodynamic track and teach courses on evidence-based psychodynamic psychotherapy, psychotherapy process, interpersonal psychotherapy and research design.

As a clinical psychologist and psychotherapy researcher I am interested in what is ‘evidence-based’ in clinical practice as it occurs in real life. I am particularly interested in the dyadic process, both with regards to matching of patient & therapist, patient & treatment, as well as more subtle matching of verbal and non-verbal communications between patient and therapist in the session.This interest in the moment-to-moment dyadic process also translates to research on therapist training, both for graduate students and for licensed clinicians, in the form of interpersonal and psychodynamic training courses and individual deliberate practice. I aim to inspire the new generation of clinicians to continue to engage in psychotherapy research. Where possible, my research endeavors have been collaborative efforts with students, clinicians and researchers. Learning from international collaborations (Sweden, Norway, Canada, Argentina, The Netherlands, UK & USA) has been especially inspiring to me and no doubt will continue to broaden my view of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Research. I have published several peer reviewed papers, and co-authored an introductory book on clinical psychology, and chapters on process-outcome research. I am the Associate Editor of the prestigious journal Clinical Psychology: Science & Practice, and am serving on the board of IEDTA as chair of the research committee.

I can be reached at or


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Book Chapters:

Llewelyn, S., Macdonald, J. & Aafjes-van Doorn, K. (2016). Process-Outcome Studies. In (Ed. J. Norcross) Handbook of Clinical Psychology, American Psychological Association.

Llewelyn, S., Hardy, G. & Aafjes-van Doorn, K. (2015) Chapter 11. Psychologists as researchers. In J. Hall (Ed.) Clinical psychology in Britain: Historical perspectives, UK: British Psychological Society.


 Llewelyn, S., & Aafjes-van Doorn, K. (in press). A very short introduction to Clinical Psychology’. ‘Very Short Introduction’ series. UK: Oxford University Press.

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Kristin A.R. Osborn

Kristin A. R. Osborn, LMHC, LPCC is an internationally recognized educator, clinician, researcher, author and an Associate in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and appointed Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. Kristin is also the founder of Certified APT™-Training, a rigorous evidence-based program and has taught thousands of clinicians and researchers worldwide. She co-authored Paraverbal Communication in Psychotherapy: Beyond the Words, and serves on the board of the Society for the Exploration and Integration of Psychotherapy. She is also certified in Surf Therapy and is President Emeritus of the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association.

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