When Things Go Off the Rails with Kristin Osborn and Guest Presenter, Anne Koskenniemi

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Friday February 14th, 2020    
0900 - 1230


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Skånegatan 97 Stockholm
Skånegatan 97, 116 35 Stockholm

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Learn how to turn therapeutic ruptures into opportunities for connection.

When a therapeutic rupture occurs, it’s natural for a therapist to become anxious and defended, but sometimes our response can get in the way of treatment. How can you help yourself stay calm and in charge of your own anxiety in the face of a therapeutic rupture? What do you do if you become defensive in a non-constructive way? How can you see a rupture as an opportunity to work through conflict? How can you stay on task or readjust therapeutic objectives? Kristin Osborn will use video segments in the first part of this interactive workshop to illustrate the signs of a rupture, its impact on the alliance and how to respond in a therapeutic manner. In the second part of this workshop, Certified APT™-Therapist, Anne Koskenniemi from Lulea, Sweden will join Kristin Osborn. Together they will facilitate a compassionate, supportive group process so participants can feel comfortable sharing their own experiences or fears with therapeutic ruptures.

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0900-1015 Introduction & video segments of psychotherapy

1015-1045 Break

1045-1215 Interactive group exercise

1215-1230 Questions & answers

Learning Objectives:

  • How to identify a therapeutic rupture
  • How to address a therapeutic rupture
  • How to intervene with a therapeutic rupture
  • How to regulate your own anxiety and defenses
  • How to respond in an adaptive way
  • How to work on the Triangle of Person
  • How to work on the Triangle of Conflict
  • How to cultivate compassion

Learning Methods:

  • Video-segments of psychotherapy sessions
  • Interactive group process


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Bookings are closed for this event.

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