APT-Sweden Meeting with Host Jenny Sjöström-Svebeck

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Friday June 5th, 2020    
1300 - 1400

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APT-Sweden is an association for anyone interested in Affect Phobia Therapy. The association works in close collaboration with Kristin Osborn who created and runs the international Certified APT™-Training program since 2009.

Within this association there are supervisors and psychotherapist undergoing or have completed certification training within APT.

APT-Sweden is working to expand psychotherapists opportunities for education within APT at various levels in Sweden and Europe. APT-Sweden will host various APT events.

All interested are welcome as members. You become a member by (just cut and paste below) Please note the cost is in Swedish Kronos

Just ask Jenny for anymore information you need.

This will be an ongoing event, but the first one highlights Catherine Bure.

We will only post it on our events page and social media for now….

Register Here: https://www.aptsweden.se/

Bookings ManagerAPT-Sweden Meeting with Host Jenny Sjöström-Svebeck