Certified APT™-Consultations

Consultations are strongly recommended for all clinicians interested in learning how to develop their skills in APT and is a requirement for becoming a Certified APT™-Therapist.

Since audio-visual recording is an integral aspect of training, we have developed an assessment form that can help you prepare for your consultations. The Certified APT™-Consultation Form was designed to assist trainees in the assessment and development of their skills and it reflects each chapter of the Treating Affect Phobia Manual. We strongly recommend that trainees fill it out before their consultation. During your consultation, your supervisor will add notes and ratings, as well as, recommendations.

Please save all completed forms for your portfolio as they are required for certification.

Certified APT™-Consultation Form

Certified APT™-Consultation Form (Short)

While face-to face consultations are desirable, many of our Certified APT™-Supervisors also offer on-line consultation. Please refer to this publication for guidelines for on-line training.

Web Based Supervision for Advanced Psychotherapy Training: A Practical Guide

Please remember to maintain confidentiality by making sure your videocamera is used only for professional reasons and is stored with the same security as psychotherapy notes. When transferring files, use an auto-encrypting device like: this or this. These devices can be carried off site because they self-encrypt, meaning that information is secure even if they are lost and stolen.

We currently recommend the Panasonic HC-W580 video camera and Movie Maker (PC) and iMovie (MAC) or Adobe Premiere Pro (Mac) for subtitling.

Certified APT™-Supervisors

All Certified APT™-Supervisors were trained by Leigh McCullough and are located in North American and Europe. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a consultation please email us.

Stuart Andrews PhD

Stuart Andrews Licensed Psychologist

Stuart Andrews PhD is a licensed psychologist, co-founder of The Center for Emotional Health in Reston, Virginia and adjunct faculty at George Mason University. He is a co-author of Treating Affect Phobia: A Manual for Short-term Dynamic Psychotherapy and has written numerous articles on psychotherapy and psychotherapy research. He worked closely with Leigh McCullough and was the

Maneet Bhatia PhD C

Maneet Bhatia Licensed Psychologist

Maneet Bhatia PhD is a licensed psychologist and the owner of Bhatia Psychological Services in Toronto, Canada. He is a graduate of McGill University and was a member of the McGill Psychotherapy Process Research Group. Since 2006, he has been a research assistant for Harvard Medical School’s Psychotherapy Research Program and co-authored numerous publications with Leigh McCullough

Birgitta Elmquist Certified Psychotherapist

Birgitta Elmquist is a certified psychotherapist and the former Co-Director of SAPU in Stockholm, Sweden. She worked closely with Leigh McCullough and played a pivotal role in introducing Affect Phobia Therapy in Sweden. She created, organised and offered the first Stockholm APT-Core Training. She has over 30 years experience in the supervision and teaching of

Nat Kuhn Licensed Psychiatrist

Nat Kuhn, MD is a licensed psychiatrist and psychotherapist and the founder of ISTDP Boston. He has almost 20 years’ experience practicing, supervising, and teaching EDT, beginning with his close association with Leigh McCullough. He is the author of Intensive Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy: A Reference (2014), and co-author of Treating Affect Phobia: A Manual for Short-Term

Kristin A.R. Osborn Licensed Mental Health Counselor & Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Kristin A. R. Osborn, LMHC, LPCC is an internationally recognized educator, clinician, researcher, author and an Associate in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and appointed Clinical Instructor in the Department of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. Kristin is also the founder of Certified APT™-Training, a rigorous evidence-based program

Elisabeth Schanche Licensed Psychologist, Associate Professor

Elisabeth Schanche Ph.D. is a psychologist and an Associate Professor at the Department of Clinical Psychology, Faculty of Psychology, at the University of Bergen in Norway. She worked very closely with Leigh McCullough and co-authored several publications in research and training.

Elke Schlager LPC PhD C

Elke Schlager Licensed Psychologist

Elke Schlager PhD is licensed psychologist and co-founder of The Center for Emotional Health in Reston, Virginia. She worked closely with Leigh McCullough as a research assistant for Harvard Medical School’s Psychotherapy Research Program was faculty adjunct at Herbert Benson’s Mind/Body Medical Institute at Harvard Medical School and taught mind-body approaches. She has also conducted

Pål Ulvenes

Pål Ulvenes Psychologist

Pål Ulvenes, Ph.D is a psychologist who works as a supervisor for the STDP unit Modum Bad Psychiatric Hospital in Vikersund, Norway and has an affliation with the University of Oslo. He is currently working on a research project that started under the direction of Leigh McCullough when she was the Director of Research at

Jakob Støre-Valen Licensed Psychologist

Jakob Støre-Valen is a licensed psychologist, co-founder of CheckWare, and farmer. He co-authored research articles with Leigh McCullough on ATOS. He was supervised by the Harvard Medical School’s Psychotherapy Research group in 2005. Before he started his private practice, he worked for hospitals in Modum, Trondheim, Namsos, and Levanger. Jakob has taught clinical students at

Jenny S Svebeck licenced psychotherapist and Supervisor

Jenny Svebeck is a licensed psychotherapist, supervisor and teacher of psychotherapy in Stockholm, Sweden. She is a IEDTA-certified therapist,  trainer and Supervisor. She is a part-time lecturer in psychotherapy at Stockholm University, and also a consultant supervisor and teacher in various psychotherapy education-programs in Sweden. Jenny is a therapist and researcher involved in affect phobia research. In addition to her private clinical psychotherapy practice, she is a supervisor at many different treatment centers and medical teams in Sweden. More information in Swedish www.sjostromsvebeck.se

Certified APT™-Trainers

The following individuals have been certified to teach Affect Phobia Therapy. Please email us if you would like to arrange for a training at your site.

  • Stuart Andrews PhD, Washington DC
  • Lene Berggraf PhD, Norway
  • Maneet Bhatia PhD C, Canada
  • Ronete Cohen MA, UK, The Netherlands and Israel
  • Birgitta Elmquist, Sweden, Spain, Estonia, Lithuania
  • Kristin Hansen PhD, West Coast USA
  • Leif Havnesköld PhD, Sweden, Denmark, Spain, Lithuania
  • Amelia Kaplan Romanowsky PhD, New York, New York
  • Truls Ryum, Ph.D.,  Norway
  • Elisabeth Schanche PhD, Norway
  • Jenny Svebeck, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Nat Kuhn MD, Boston
  • Kristin A.R. Osborn MA LMHC, Boston
  • Elke Schlager PhD, Washington DC & Costa Rica
  • Pål Ulvenes PhD, Norway
  • Jakob Valen, Ph.D., Norway
Ronete CohenCertified APT™-Consultations