Certified APT™- Webinar

Webinars are offered on a monthly basis to give seasoned APT clinicians and those who are new to the model the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the fundamentals of Affect Phobia Therapy.

No Events at This Time

Certified APT™-Online Training

Online Training is offered by invitation only for APT colleagues to openly discuss how to utilize APT and receive feedback and guidance from Kristin Osborn.


How to compassionately melt defenses – 5/28/2018

Live Demonstration on How to Formulate a Core Psychodynamic Conflict – 12/12/2016

How to Formulate a Core Psychodynamic Conflict – 11/28/2016

Malan’s Two Triangles – 10/26/2016

Treating Affect Phobia – 9/26/2016

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