Certified APT™-Master Class: Mastering the Triangles with Kristin Osborn

Short Description
Certified APT™-MasterClass is a three day learning experience for mental health clinicians interested in learning the theory and techniques of APT. Training includes theoretical and clinical instruction with video segments of psychotherapy sessions and experiential exercises with role-playing and therapy demonstrations. In this workshop, you will learn to master the triangles that illuminate work in APT, AEDP, ISTDP and more. Upon completion, participants are eligible to enroll in a Certified APT™-Core Training which is certified by the International Experiential Dynamic Therapy Association (IEDTA).

Overall Learning Objectives
In the first day of training, trainees learn how to assess and treat an ‘Affect Phobia’ as described in Treating Affect Phobia: A Manual (McCullough, et all, 2003). Trainees are also introduced to Malan’s Two Triangles (Malan, 1979) and learn how to identify maladaptive defenses, inhibitory affects and adaptive affects so they can begin the process of core conflict formulation. On the second day of training, trainees are introduced to the importance of creating a working therapeutic alliance, Self Restructuring and Self/Other Restructuring. On the third day of training, trainees focus on Defense Restructuring, Anxiety Regulation and Affect Experiencing.

Training Overview

Learning Objectives

  • Identifying Affect Phobias
  • Identifying inhibitory affect, maladaptive defenses and adaptive affect
  • Learning how to distinguish between adaptive and maladaptive affect
  • Creating a core conflict formulation
  • Creating a working therapeutic alliance
  • Regulating anxiety
  • Restructuring defenses
  • Increasing motivation
  • Helping your client experience affect exposures (grief, sadness, anger, rage, positive feelings of the self)
  • Helping your client increase their sense of self
  • Helping your client to cultivate self-compassion
  • Helping your client increase their ability to create healthy relationships

Learning Methods

  • Video segments of psychotherapy sessions
  • Interactive exercises
  • Keynote presentations
  • APT-Forms


Donovan, J., Osborn, K., & Rice,S. (2016) Paraverbal Communication in Psychotherapy: Beyond the Words, New York: Rowman & Littlefied
McCullough, L., Kuhn, N., Andrews, S., Kaplan, A., Wolf, J., &  Lanza Hurley, C. (2004). Treating Affect Phobia: A Manual for Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy. New York: The Guilford Press..
Panksepp (1998) Affective Neuroscience. Oxford, Oxford University Press.
Valiant, George (1993) The Wisdom of the Ego, Cambridge, First Harvard Cambridge Press.


Video segments from psychotherapy sessions

Applicant Requirements

Applicants are required to be enrolled in or a graduate of an accredited graduate mental health program.


$450.00 USD student fee

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