Affect Phobia in Practice

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By Dr. Quin Dam, written in Dutch 

Affect Phobia in PracticeFeelings give energy and color to our lives. They help us make wise  choices, be close to others and set limits. However feelings can also be frightening.  If we are afraid of what we feel we can develop an affect phobia. We retreat, no longer dare to be vulnerable and suffer from stress, anxiety or vague physical complaints.

If clients suffer in this way, they may find it helpful to explore whether or not they have an affect phobia. APT was developed by Dr. Leigh McCullough. APT integrates psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral therapy and experiential techniques to help patients learn how to unlearn an affect phobia. Research shows that people with anxiety, depression avoidant and dependent personality disorders benefit from this form of treatment. 

In this book, you’ll find an overview of the model to help you learn how to do a core conflict formulation, restructure a defense, affect restructuring and self and other restructuring. All theoretical concepts are illustrated with insightful patient-therapist dialogues. 


“A clearly written workbook about APT, a proven effective psychodynamic form of treatment. The book is written in an easy to understand way so psychotherapists can focus on “doing” treatment. Concepts such as affect, resistance and transmission are well explained using practical examples and manageable. A “must” for every psychotherapist. ”

Thijs de Wolf, psychotherapist / clinical psychologist, master trainer psychotherapy

‘Affect Phobia Therapy (APT) has been developed from the practice of psychotherapy: how can patients face their feelings? Leigh McCullough integrated ideas and methods derived from different psychotherapeutic traditions.  Quin Dam has made this therapy available to the Dutch language in a readable, practical book. It will find its way in many psychotherapy trainings. ”

Sjoerd Colijn, psychotherapist / clinical psychologist, psychotherapist head trainer

This book is ideal for both psychologists, clinical psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists in training, as well as for those working in the clinical practice.

lichterDr. Quin Dam is a clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, supervisor NVP, NPaV and NVPP, and works in private practice in Leiden. He has over 20 years lecturer at RINO Amsterdam and supervises the peer of GPs with the Balint.

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